Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

Goes To Bali & Makassar!


This evening promptly at 11 pm, I and the team of coca-cola go to the airport for a flight to Bali. According to the plan, we all just half a day in Bali, because after to Bali, we will resume flights to Makasar.

Usually, I only wear a jacket, jeans and a hat and sunglasses to travel from one city to another. I was the type of person that is not too complicated in clothes. Usually, when my mother also join the travel, she was the one who arranged all the things that I need. Ranging from clothes that I'll wear until some other needs, and she never forget to bring some medicines along with vitamin that keeping me healthy. That's why I really really want to have a girl someday that she act like my mom who caring too much! hahaha.. don't mind it guys :)

So, when we've arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, we decided to go directly to the hotel that already at booking in advance by the team that sponsored us, namely Coca-Cola Indonesia. Arriving at the hotel, I was scrambling room with Wilona, hahaha.. it was common when we're one project. She's also my best friend since childhood and things like that often happen whenever we were together.

In the afternoon, we all pay a visit to Denpasar to follow the GR. Half an hour we follow the GR, we were immediately given a briefing for the event which will took 20 minutes after the briefing. Then, when the event begin, as usual, I and Wilona asked to pose with that journalists and some media in attendance can record it.

Half a day was in full swing. We did not forget to thank God for having staged a half day.

Now, right at 1 pm, we all rushed to the airport to continue the flight to Makassar. We're excited to be the third city we visit to Coca-Cola Gala Event.

Arriving at the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, we decided to stop at the coffee shop at the same time to just relax and rest. After drinking a glass of milkshake that I ordered, we all go to a hotel where the event will be held there in this evening.

We decided to rest a while before making a short trip to an Air Force field in that city. According to the plan, just me and Wilona were to go there, cause there were some media who wish to conduct interviews there. I still don't understand why they chose the Air Force field to be a place of the interview, but on the other side I just helped to appreciate the desire of these media. Besides that, I also will be interviewed by a television station called RTV a.k.a Rajawali Televison about my album launcing plan which will take place on 14 February in Norwich.

In the evening, we were treated to dinner together and a direct presence in the coca-cola event.
Finally, this full day is blessed by God. Everything went smoothly as planned. Thank God!

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