Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Back To Home, UK!

Hai guys!
Waddup? I wish you all a very good as like me.

Now I just wanna tell you about my story for coming back to Norwich. Yes! today I will be back to the UK for some recording about my debut album BAYZACH. So, before I tell you the story, I would like to convey the good news to all my fans, that this month, right at february 14, I would be launching my debut album, titled BAYZACH. I'm so grateful to have been entrusted with launching my debut album. It's my dream that has long and finally achieved this year. Effort and hard work that I would never-ending, and because of that I could have my own album. I also can not do this without the support of God, family, friends, relatives and all. Thank you all! :)

So, my departure back to Norwich already accelerated far ahead of schedule in my plans, because I have to finish the recording process, there are still 2 more songs for me to accomplish. My return this time also highly anticipated by my extended family who were there.

Right this morning, around 10 am, we went to the airport and immediately proceeded back to Norwich.

Arriving at Norwich, I was so happy cause I was greeted by several fans who call themselves, BayBae. I know they have been waiting a long time here, and I finally took time to talk with them. Not long after that, I finally went back home to rest before heading to a recording studio to finish recording my debut album later.

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