Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

Goes To Jakarta!

Today is a tiring day but also a fun day.

Starting from a sunny morning when me, my parents, and my sister have a meal and prepared to go to the airport. Yes! We'll be back to Jakarta, Indonesia (again). This plan came when the team from a beverage product leading the world that is coca-cola to call my mom, who is also a manager of me. It turns out that I will signing contract to be ambassador of the product. It's different from before, this time I will follow a few lil tour is divided in several cities in Indonesia.

Honestly, I'm very happy when I know it. Moreover, I will return to Indonesia. It was just a week, but it will be a week of the most memorable for me.

Not only that, I also know that wilona (my best friend since childhood, which is also my colleagues in music as well as in the world model) also got the same offer to be ambassador. My happiness is doubled!

Finally when the plane that brought me and my family land at the international airport in Jakarta, I decided not to blink in a long time. Hahaha. How can it not, I miss this city so much, as well as the weather that is always reminded of my mind.

[3 PM]
When fashion stylist has come around, I rushed into the room for having some make-up by them all before joining the presscon of Coca-Cola Gala Event at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta. I'm happy to meet the fans who had come to see the presscon. Any of 'em asked me to take a picture together and also asked me to listen some of their complaints that they missed me and I've been in front of them, they had moved. There are also taking some photos, some food and also the work of art to be used as a present for me. I thank you for all the support and prayers from 'em, cause without them, I'm not anyone and I can't be anything.

[7 PM]
After following the dinner along with all the ambassador from coca cola, I rushed into the locker room to get ready because coca cola a gala event will begin.

That place.. So crowded! and a lot of media covering. Me and all the ambassador is hanging out in the backstage to pray before going up to the stage. As soon as we called for a ride to the stage, we were trying to compact and harmonious. Then we sing the song that was used for product advertisements.

After the show was over, I decided to take a little time talking with Wilona. We will have the same job again after this, therefore we will be compact and professional for that.

Today went well. It's quite exhausting but lovely to share happiness with everybody who comes last.

I thank God that carried out my activities today.

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