Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

I'm a Nominated for 'Breakthrough Male Solo Artist'

Hy guys! I am happy to be back to write on this blog after so long I do not write the blog again.
Okay, now I have a good news for you all. I'm a Nominate for 'Breakthrough Male Solo Artist' category on Star Teen UK Award this year. I don't know how happy i am but I'm so glad to hear that.

So, I just finished my homework in my bedroom, and then my mom shouting my name like.. "Bayyyyy!" and immediately I became shocked. I immediately fell down to find out what happened to my mom shouting my name like that. It turns out a team of Star Teen UK Award has just phoned my mom. Then, my mom gives the phone to me. We also talked about the prestigious event to be held on this March. I was given to know that I would be nominated in the category of 'Breakthrough Male Solo Artist'.

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